Why Vehicle Signage are a Smart Investment

Turns Your Vehicle into a Moving Billboard

When you choose to have partially wrapped using a graphic, it instantly becomes a moving billboard for your company. Brand awareness and familiarity will increase, and new potential customers will learn about your company.

When it comes time for those people to require a product or service similar to yours, your company may be the first to come to their minds – all because they remember seeing your custom vehicle wrap!

Keeps Your Vehicle in Great Condition

Wrapping your car in a graphic provides more than just brand awareness – it helps protect your car, too!

Your car’s paint job remains in perfect condition underneath the wrap. If you want to sell your car or even update the graphic, the surface underneath the graphic is like-new.

Worried about graphic removal? With our professional team, your custom vehicle wrap can be easily removed, leaving no damage behind.

How to brand your Car

Sign writing your car has been proven to be one of the most effective and economical ways to boost awareness of your business.  For less than the cost of advertising in the local paper for a few weeks you can turn your car into a mobile billboard that will last for years.

Due to the nature of car signage and the variable amount of work involved, the actual cost can vary depending on the effect and finish you are looking for, but we will always provide an accurate quote before starting work.